Ruddy Hell – Barbican Shopper


“How there man, d’ya have any Barbican Mars bars? They’re just like a normal Mars bar, but with all the chocolate and nougat taken oot.”

Click on the images to see all the Barbican Shopper skits from ‘Ruddy Hell it’s Harry and Paul’ (British comedy duo).

The accent is terrible and I have no idea why they chose the Barbican shopper character to be a beige-clad Geordie. This ‘un is a bit before my time, but apparently ‘Barbican’ refers to a brand of zero-alcohol beer that’s ‘just like a normal beer, with all the alcohol taken out’. Zero alcohol beer probably confused a fair few Geordies when it was released.

My favourite bit is the ‘Barbican Big Brother House’ (watch until the end)…




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