North East History, murderous clans and football

North East football legends and their links to the region’s murderous clans

How the spirit of the border reivers could have influenced modern day footballers for Newcastle United, Sunderland and Middlesbrough – story by Mike Kelley, Chronical Live


Whist, had yer gobs and check out this story from Chronical Live about the history behind football in the North East and famous players’ connections to ancient clan names.

Sounds like footie was a bit more violent back in the day! A number of football-like games took place between boarder families during between 1450 and 1610. The repetitive Scottish-English battles rendered farming pointless, so reivers (plunderers) stole livestock instead. It became a popular and acceptable way of living, especially with a bit of fun playing football thrown in.

Games would last hours and teams were as large as a hundred people. It was a little more like rugby and you were more likely to be killed than sent off. No European diving going on there…

Retrieved: Chronical Live, 4th January 2017 by Mike Kelley


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