Korean Billy Speaks Geordie


Nae way! This canny Korean lad is fluent in Geordie, like. Click on the picture to larn Geordie from Korean Billy.

He’ll walk you through propa Geordie tidbits from “I’m gannin doon the toon”, to “You’re canny as oot.” He’ll larn ya the words, then give an example sentence, like a propa language school video with cheesy music to boot.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty proud of wor Korean Billy – after watching British comedians attempt (and fail) at wor accent, this laddie has is sorted and his first language isn’t even English.

While at University, Korean Billy took an overseas semester in Liverpool, where he fell in love with the Scouse accent and became interested in all the other funny accents across the UK. he’d already made many videos about different Korean dialects, now he’s taking on the rest of the world. Gan canny Billy!



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