Allreet Pet?


Allreet pet, welcome tae GEORDIE OFF SHORE. A canny blog for the nostalgic travelling Geordie.

Curated by a lass who buggered off from the Mighty Toon, but misses yhem everyday, like.*


*Hello, welcome to Geordie Off Shore. A nice blog for nostalgic travellers hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (oh, and I suppose you Gateshead folk count too.)

Curated by a lady who left Newcastle to go travelling some time ago, but still thinks the city and its people are the best on the planet. Enjoy. 


One thought on “Allreet Pet?

  1. Hallelujah! Howay in Hinney. Long may ye’ prosper in the lands beyond. You can leave Newcastle in every way but your heart… because its home, and always will be. Sending absolute unconditional love from the Motherland xxxxxxxx


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